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Founded in 1991 by a Latvian Travel Professional, Patricia Tourist Office has grown and expanded its services to meet the current demands of visitors to Latvian and the Baltic States. Since 2000, we have been under joint American and Latvian management teams; applying western management and customer service techniques. We strive to be... 

... your Friend in the Baltics ! 

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Press Photos for Red Bead Experiment
photos Santa Claus
Santa Claus Visits Home of the First Christmas Tree - Riga Latvia

When searching for the historical beginning of the first Christmas tree, one must go very deep into the past. Just like Santa Claus, one finds that the first Christmas tree was combination of many different facts, legends and customs all starting in the Baltic countries and what is now Northern Germany. The first documented use of a tree in a Christmas celebration was in Riga, Latvia, in the year 1510 according to many sources. References to Martin Luther's Christmas Tree were actually two decades later than the Riga Tree. Visit Riga this Christmas and experience a medieval holiday celebration. read more 

13 December 2006 - pdf copy --  podcast -- more information First Christmas Tree
Press Photos for Red Bead Experiment Photos of Latvia Make Great Christmas and Holiday Gifts -- Share Latvia's Rich Heritage with those Special 

Visitors to the 2006 NATO Summit being held in Riga Latvia are first hand enjoying the wonderful Art Nouveau architecture, historic sites and pristine nature that Latvia is fortunate to offer. For all the others in the world not as fortunate to visit Riga this year, Patricia Tourist Office has a plan to share these lovely scenes through photography. Available for immediate viewing and purchase on-line are photos of Riga's Freedom Monument symbol of Latvia's struggle through the years to be a free country; medieval Turaida Castle in Sigulda; parks, lakes and rivers from around Latvia. read more

27 November 2006 - pdf copy
Delightful Customer Service Provided In Riga Latvia In Time For The Nato Summit

Patricia Tourist office located in Latvia's capital Riga is offering a host of value added services to make visits exciting, rewarding and delightful. Services range from hotel reservation to rental of mobile cell phones. Western managed staff providing a consistently high level of delightful customer service. Excellent language skills in English, German, Russian and Latvian. read more

10 October 2006 - pdf copy 
Weekend Hooligans Need not Arrive It's Time for the Holidays in Latvia
After a recent series of bad experiences with Weekend Hooligans from the UK, Ireland, and other neighboring countries, enough is enough, says Patricia Tourist Office. There is a lot more to Latvia than just Stag parties in Riga; lots of culture in Riga and pristine nature to experience in the Latvian countryside. Christmas and New Year is a great time to visit. The first documented use of an evergreen tree in a Christmas celebration was in Riga, Latvia, in the year 1510 according to many sources.  read more
29 November 2005 - pdf copy 
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